GE Wrangle a Monkey

Quarter Horse

1998 Sorrel mare
AQHA # 3389601

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"Hope" was trained and shown in reining as a young mare, first as an open horse and later as a non pro horse. She had a few babies and then went to work hunting and packing in the Northern Rockies. She is now back working the ranch and will be used as a lesson horse over the winter of 2011/12. Come spring she has a date with Justice Shines for a 2013 half Arab foal for the reining market. Hope is kind and willing. She is very laid back but has lots of speed when asked. She stands 15'1 and is an easy keeper in every sense of the word. She has a nice short back, clean straight legs, strong loin and low hocks. Her neck ties in well and has a nice shape and length. All things we look for in a premium broodmare.

Her pedigree is as exceptional as would be expected of a mare this quality. Her sire, World Champion Wranglers War Leo was successful in reining, cutting and cow horse. He sired 70 performing horses in many different events and was a leading sire of reining horses for the Cow Horse Supreme from 1989 to 2001. He is on the top 100s list for leading reining sires of the world.

On the bottom side of the pedigree, her dam goes to Chunky's Monkey, NCHA Cutting Derby Champion and the product of two NCHA World Champions, Peppy San and Stardust Desire. Her dam also goes to Doc O'lena, the #1 All Time Leading Broodmare sire and All Time Leading Broodmare sire.


Wranglers War Leo
Docs Wrangler

Doc Bar

Lightning Bar

Dandy Doll

Miss Bar 89

Hollywood Gold

Jiggs Mother

War Ella

War Leo

Leo's Question

War Bird

Ella Robin

Robin Whiskers

Ella Owens

Docs Monkey Do

Fourble Lena

Doc Olena

Doc Bar

Poco Lena

Fourbles Folly

Fourble Joe

Sequoias Babe

Monkeys Sis

Chunkys Monkey

Peppy San

Stardust Desire

Sis Blair

Joe Blair

Leo Sans Isis

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