Majik (unregistered)

All Round Texas X Tyees Lil Doll

filly foaled June 24, 2009



This big bodied filly will finish to be a substantial mare suitable for ranch work or trail. Majik is foundation bred. Her sire, All Round Texas, is a national champion cowhorse/cutter with many national champion offspring. Her dam is a foundation bred mare with offspring in Europe. Majik is a very pretty mare and what a great mind she's got! Majik is a coming two and is ready for ground work now and to be started under saddle this fall. Pictured this fall as a long yearling.

Majik belongs to Jo Jo Parnham who plans to do the ground work herself. I expect they will build a strong partnership together this spring.



Pedigree: Majik SSH Pedigree for Majik SSH

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