Par T Lynx
2006 smutty buckskin filly
AQHA # 4880641

Par T Lynx 


"Lynx" is stunningly pretty  with a big engine! Bred for speed and cow, her babies will do it all - quickly!

Pedigree for Par T Lynx
Varian Snow
Captain Crocker

Zanz Rawhide

Zan Par Bar
by Par Three
by Three Bars (TB)

Tyrees Honey

Crockers Bitohoney

Judge Crocker
by Wimpy II

Harla Qbeaut

Par Tippy

Tippy Can Too

Tippy Canoe
by Truly Truckle (TB)

Linda Lou San

Pars Balmy Dee

Par For The Course
by Par Three
by Three Bars (TB)

Balmy Annie

PSF Lady Lynx

Peppy San Feature

Peppy San

Leo San
by Leo

Peppy Belle

Docs Feature Girl

Truckle Feature
by Truly Truckle (TB)

Stop Light Bar
by Doc Bar

Shesa Pretty Miss

Hesa R Smith

R Smith (TB)

Shinning Speck

Ms Ladybug's Charge

Ladybug's Charge
out of a dtr of Depth Charge (TB)

Miss Bar Bull
by Johnny Bull
by Spotted Bull (TB)



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