Peppy Blue Nipper  


AQHA # 5370093
2011 Grulla filly

"Topaz" stands a sniff over 15 hands, has great ground manners and is a nice mare to be around. She likes people and will come to the gate to get haltered. She is very calm and laid back. Nothing excites or upsets her and she has no spook or silliness in her. She learns quickly and remembers what you teach her.

She enjoys being ridden outdoors and is great on the trail. She goes over most anything and through most anything. She has been to Extreme Trail practices and is willing to try new things. Topaz has trailed cows and holds a bull with no problem. She has presence!

Topaz loves people and wants to be someone's "go to" horse. A steal at $4,000. Price will go up with training and experience.