Sunset Stock Horses

2003 Babies


(Rein Dancer SSH  x  GC's Sparkle)

foaled Feb 24, 2003

Prematurely foaled on day 300 this filly has lots of spunk!
Owned By Paula Stonecipher of Creighton, Mo



Elegance Reins

(Rein Dancer SSH  X  Lasa Cheers)

foaled March 28, 2003

Pictured at 12 hours old, this filly is homozygous for black.


Sun Wind Fire N  Rein

(Rein Dancer SSH  X  Fires Fancy Falon)

foaled April 2, 2003

Indy was born in a snow storm!
A rare Amber Champagne he will look buckskin when he sheds out.



(Rein Dancer SSH  X  Nisan Tahara)

foaled April 3, 2003

This blanketed filly loves to be scritched all over!
Owned by Cyndi McClendon of Maxwell, Iowa.



Pegasus Star Dancer

(Rein Dancer SSH  x  Emerald Diamond)

foaled April 16, 2003

This filly has no white except her Appaloosa spots!
Owned By: Family Kathriner of Cranbrook, BC.




Cant Hide Beautiful

barn name "Beauty"


(Rein Dancer SSH  X  Star Of Texas SSH)

foaled April 20, 2003

This filly foaled on Easter Sunday was a treasure worth hunting for.


Rein On Mia (pending)
aka Smoochie

(Rein Dancer SSH  X  Mia Goin Hustlin)

foaled April 29, 2003

At 7 hours old, this HUGE filly is already practicing her jumping form.


Mahogany Fox

(Rein Dancer SSH  x  Lasa Charm)

foaled May 4, 2003

Talk about fancy, this homozygous black filly has all the chrome!


Jaded Wind Dancer

(Rein Dancer SSH  x  Bema Pearl)

foaled May 4, 2003

This colt is beautiful, spunky and healthy!
Owned By Audra Larson of Scottville, Mi.


Austin Texas (pending)

(All`Round Texas  X  Eyes High Falutin)

foaled May 11th, 2003

What a wonderful Mother's Day present this colt was!


Tequila Sunrise

(All `Round Texas  x  Rose C Conclusion)

foaled May 11, 2003

Pictured at a day old, this characteristic filly has a white spot right in the very middle of her mane!
Owned By Excell Appaloosas of Lethbridge, AB


Freedom Reins
(Rein Dancer SSH  x  Tomahawk's Gold and Charm)

foaled May 13, 2003

This colt is sweet natured and curious.
Owned By Patti Loft of Jenison, Mi.



(All `Round Texas  x  BC She's No Joke)

foaled May 13, 2003

This sizey colt has a neck and legs that just don't quit!
Owned By Larry and Sharon Ingalls of Reedsville, Wi.


The Artful Dodger

(Rein Dancer SSH  x  Splendid Ellusion)

foaled May 17, 2003

Pictured at just an hour old, this characteristic filly with the white striped mane already stands 43 inches tall!
Owned By Excell Appaloosas of Lethbridge, AB


All Round Sundown

(All `Round Texas  x  Sun Dan Dee)

foaled May 23, 2003

Pictured at an hour old, this colt is already loping slow circles!



Shadow Dancer CQ

(Rein Dancer SSH  x  Jacquline B)

foaled June 3, 2003

Tall, dark and beautiful but a filly!
Owned By Kim Casey and Gil Larochelle of St Albans, Maine.




(All `Round Texas X Calico Shawnee)

foaled June 17, 2003

Brave, confident and just so zoomy.

Owned by Sheila Archer of Saskatchewan.


Reining Royalty CQAF

(Rein Dancer SSH  x  Untamed Heart)

foaled June 30, 2003

Tall, dark and beautiful and NOT a filly!
Owned By Kim Casey and Gil Larochelle of St Albans, Maine.


We thank the mare owners for bringing such awesome quality mares to our stallions, both for live cover and shipped semen. It's been a very enjoyable year breeding and foaling season was so much fun I can't wait for it to start again next spring!




(All `Round Texas  x  Chestnut Speed)

foaled July 12, 2003

This filly loves to run, slide and spin!
Owned By Don Page of Magrath, AB


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