Sorrel Quarter Horse mare

Sunset's Lady (retired)
is a 15' 1 sorrel
quarter horse.

Lady was raised on a ranch and earned her living there until she was seven. The next three years she was used for trail riding and team penning after which she took her place in the broodmare band. She has now been put back into service working as a baby sitter and pony horse as well as light ranch work.

Lady once got caught in some wire when we were riding the flood bank. She kept her head and backed out of the wire just like I asked. Unfortunate we backed through a bush and down a thirty foot drop. I ended up on the bottom with Lady on top. When she went to get up she must have felt that her back foot was on my spine because she laid back down and moved her foot before attempting to get up again. She was cut on all four legs from coronet to her underline and badly shaken but waited for me to get up and ride her back to the barn 5 miles away. That's when I decided to breed her. She's got heart.

Lady is 15' 1, 1250 lbs. and an easy keeper who raises sensible sturdy foals. She's got a pretty head, lots of muscle and big bone which she passes on to her young. She also passes on a quick mind, a generally willing attitude.

Lady, my partner for 13 years crossed the rainbow bridge Mar 3rd, 2007.

We covered a lot of miles together and shared much. We've been chased by

an Elk cow with a calf at side, we've side passed a cougar, we've backed

out of wire and through a bush over a 30 foot cutbank. For many years,

we've swum the Old Man River together, crossed the Peigan and the Blood

Reserves, climbed to the top of the Livingston Range and ridden the

ridge. My most embarrassing moment with Lady was galloping down the

road allowance thinking we were all alone, standing in the stirrups with

my arms wide and my eyes closed, leaning forward into the breeze and

feeling the sun on my face only to feel her slow and open my eyes to see

we were headed straight for a very surprised looking RCMP out for a

wander on his gelding.

She will be greatly missed.


'Lady's Kids"

Sunsets Jessie
Sunsets Jessie born April 2, 1997

Little Bit of Texas
Little Bit of Texas July 19,'98

Dallas Texas SSH
Dallas Texas SSH Born March 16/2000