Texas Ranger SSH

ApHC #581872

foaled June 9, 1998

All `Round Texas
Gypsy SSH

Ranger was born chestnut with sclera and has since developed a roan blanket over his hips and back. This gentle gelding is quiet and very willing. Excellent manners make him a pleasure to have around but his sense of constant mischief keep life interesting. He is incredibly smart and is always looking for something to do.

Conformationally, Ranger has all the advantages, a nicely sloped shoulder, big hip and overall balance. His short back, short canons and good flat bone will keep him sound. He currently stands 15 hands and weighs about 1000 pounds.

Both Ranger's dam and sire are working cow horses that have stamina to burn. With that kind of work ethic, we believe Ranger will excel in both ranch and arena work. He has 4 months professional training under saddle and is living up to our expectations. He is extremely cowy and is working the bison with enthusiasm. He has a great lope and likes to stop. At this time it would appear his talents would be in Working Cow Horse or Team Penning.