Sunset Stock Horses

2006 Babies

Just a few hours old and we have attitude already!

Made Ya Luke (Major)

(Luke N Back Texas X Lasa Cheers)

Colt foaled Feb 11, 2006





At 43 inches tall, this filly will take a few days to properly unfold!

Texas Holdem High
(All Round Texas  X  High Falutin)
Filly foaled Mar 4/06





No name yet!
(Rein Dancer SSH  x  Untamed Heart)
filly foaled Mar 5, 2006
Owned By Kim Casey and Gil Larochelle of St Albans, Maine.






Special Announcement!

Rein Dancer SSH has his first grandkid!!!!!!!

Meet Royal Rein of CQAF's first daughter.





Thinking about "Burst Of Rein"
(Rein Dancer SSH  x  Forever Mystic Shadow)
black colt with spots over hips
foaled Mar 31, 2006
Owned By Karyn Rennie of Calgary, Alberta.



Good Friday was a REALLY good Friday

Luke N Royally Dun

(Luke N Back Texas X Royal Perfection)

Snowcap colt foaled April 14, 2006



Rein Dancer SSH X Dazzlin Decision

black filly with spots over hip

foaled April 19, 2006






Rein Dancer SSH  X  Four Reflective Soxs
dark bay or brown colt with spots over hips
foaled April 20, 2006
Congrats to Lenore and Morgan Rockenbach of Wrentham, AB





Dark Moondancer
(Rein Dancer SSH  X  Harveys Moon Bar)
dark bay with blanket over hips
foaled April 27, 2006
Owned by Rachel & Mike Moran of Cedar Dawn Farm in West Virginia






(Rein Dancer SSH  X  TTZ  By Design)
dark bay filly with blanket over hips
foaled May 5th, 2006
Owned by Double T Appaloosas in Calgary, Alberta.







Rein Dancer SSH X Royal Vellvet

snowcap colt

foaled May 5th, 2006







"M" - partbred Arab reining prospect
  All Round Texas  X Lasa Charm
  dark bay filly with a few spots
foaled May 8th, 2006







All Round Nevada
partbred Arab reining prospect
  All Round Texas  X  WN Golden Flash
  characteristic chestnut filly
foaled May 9th, 2006






Rein Dancer SSH X Salutin Texas
  black filly with roan blanket & spots
foaled May 10th, 2006





Have ideas.....
Rein Dancer SSH X Eclipse
  black colt
foaled May 11th, 2006
Congrats to Hank Cunningham of Drumheller, Alberta




Go Dancin In The Rein
Rein Dancer SSH X  Goin To Rumbell
  black colt with blanket & spots
foaled May 13th, 2006



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