Desert Rein

homozygous black colt

IAHA # 2A 345290


Feb 15, 2002


Desert Rein (Dezi) is Arab of Polish and Crabbet decent. Dezi was foaled at 42 inches tall so he should be a big boy when he's done growing. Here is a handsome and well bred stallion prospect. He's got the conformation, movement, disposition, pedigree and color too! Both his sire and dam have been DNA tested as homozygous for black which means that Dezi is as well. 

Dezi is a real people horse. He loves to be petted and is intelligently curious. Very laid back attitude, he takes everything in stride. Dezi loves people and needs to go to a home where he will get lots of attention. He accepts new things well and learns quickly. Baths, clips, loads, leads and cross ties. Currently started lunging.

Dezi's New Home

Congratulations to Sandra Muegge, and Little Joe SSH, of Minnesota.  They will have lots of fun together. Sandra and Dezi have plans to do some distance rides and we'll be cheering them on!

Pedigree: Desert Rein

Pedigree for Desert Rein
homozygous black 3/4 Arab

Rein Dancer SSH

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Hal Ane Versare

Hal G Melody

Hal Gazal


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