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Goin To Rein Dance

  black colt with blanket & spots
foaled May 13th, 2006



Booker is a gentle giant of a gelding which I had originally decide to keep for a pony horse but he's16'2 now and it's too high for me to climb. He was started in a western saddle but is now working on dressage. Ride the arena during the winters and hit the trail in summer!

This versatile, eye catching equine has moved to Minnesota where he will be in excellent company with his 'brothers' Little Joe and Wrylee (aka Chance). It should be an amusing picture at the pasture of Sandra Muegge with the two BIG geldings and one scrappy little fellow. We will post  one of all the boys once life settles down a bit, right Sandra? <grin>


Pedigree for Booker

Rein Dancer SSH

Shine On Mahogany

Padrons Mahogany


Hal Ane Gazal

Hal G Melody

Hal Gazal


Tahitian Tar Baby

Tahitian Firedane

Tahitian Dancer


Black Pansy

Juniors Yoyo

Black B

Goin To Rumbell

Goin For Approval


Go Bay Go

Miss Bar Heels

My Approval


Honeysuckle Tea

Brandi L

Lucky Leo

The Executive

Miss Marg

Wyalta Arielist

Wee Specks

Royal Mystery

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