Houston Texas

red roan filly

foaled March 27, 2002

ApSHA # 1705

Houston is a leggy red roan mare registered Appaloosas Sport Horse. She has been evaluated and accepted into the Canadian Sport Horse Association stud book and she is eligible for a Competition License with the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada.

Houston has lots of forward impulsion but can really dig in her heels when asked. She is naturally balanced and athletic and smooth in all gaits. She's been ridden both indoors and out and has lots of stamina. She's a fun ride!

Houston has moved to a ranch in the Millarville area. She has a wonderful new home with the Balls and will enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery doing the work she enjoys!



Sire - All `Round Texas

Dam - Gypsy SSH

Full brother - Texas Ranger SSH

Full sister - Texas Big Red