Prussian Princess
Reining Prince  X  JV Star Dreamer
dunskin filly
foaled June 5, 2013


Luke N Royally Dun  X  Lasa Charm
black colt
foaled May 15th, 2013

Sunset Stock Horses

name to be determined (aka Rhet's filly)
Justice Shines  X  Lighten Up Dude
black filly
foaled April 30, 2013



All High N Mighty
Reining Prince X Salutin Texas)
Foaled April 21, 2013





Vintage Texas
(All Round Texas  X  Reining Champagne)
gold champagne colt
foaled April 3, 2013


(Justice Shines  X  Par T Lynx)
bay dun filly
foaled March 31, 2013



Virtue Reins
(Rein Dancer SSH  X  Lasa Cheers)
homozygous black colt
foaled March 20th, 2013



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