Sunset Stock Horses

2009 Babies

Shine My Brass
Set Fire (AAF Kaset son)  X  Lasa Charm
Black bay purebred Arabian colt
Colt foaled March 27




Arpana's Foal

Reining Prince  X  Arpana
Palomino partbred Arabian filly
Foaled March 27




Tuxedo Reins ("Tux")
Rein Dancer SSH  X  Salutin Texas
colt foaled April 4th




Romancing The Dancer ("Romy")
Rein Dancer SSH  X   Stylish Crystal
bay roan filly
foaled April 10th



Ima Sign Of Rein
Ima Docs High Sign  X  Rein On Mia
chestnut appaloosa filly
foaled Apr 19th

Shown here 5 hours old







All Bhiznez

All Round Texas X Shes Inwhizable

April 26, 2009






Dancing Incognito

Rein Dancer SSH X KK Ruby's First

April 26, 2009





All Round Texas X Northern Alibi

Colt foaled April 30, 2009





Rein Dancer SSH X Northern Abysh

Colt foaled May 19, 2009







Dance On Stardust TT

(Rein Dancer SSH X Summer Hayes)

black characteristic Appaloosa filly with roaning over hips

 foaled May 29, 2009





Goin Rustllin (or Reining Minx?)

Reining Prince X Moongoer

Filly foaled June 11, 2009








All Round Canadian

All Round Texas X Ima Canadian

snowcap colt foaled June 15, 2009





Black bay snowcap filly

All Round Texas X Topatchys HoneyB

Foaled June 23, 2009



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