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Tuxedo Reins ("Tux")
Rein Dancer SSH  X  Salutin Texas
colt foaled April 4th





Tux is a friendly young gelding standing 15 and a sniff with lots of body and a good mind. He has been started under saddle and is quite athletic and smooth. When he is unsure about something he slows down to think about it. Tux is very gentle but still likes to show off. He is soft and supple in the bridle and responding to leg aids. His color is a beautiful blue black with roaning over his body.

Wendy Aupers has purchased Tux as a versatility horse. She plans on trail riding, driving, competing in distance, roping and mounted shooting to start! LOL We will be watching their progress with interest!


 Tuxedo Reins ("Tux") Pedigree

Rein Dancer SSH

Shine On Mahogany

Padrons Mahogany


Hal Thats Amorea

Hal G Melody

Hal Gazal


Tahitian Tar Baby

Tahitian Firedance

Tahtian Dancer


Black Pansy

Juniors Yoyo

Black B

Salutin Texas

All Round Texas



Diamondot Mussette

Impressive Queen

Mighty Impressive


Eyes High Falutin

High Sign Nugget

High Sign

Hen Penny

OK Top Dial

Lucasia Snowdrift

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